Oskar Werner – kompromisslos FÜR Die WÜRDE – das Interview ist unbedingt hörenswert und immer gültig!!!

Wissenschaft3000 ~ science3000

„Oskar Werner gibt sein letztes Interview“ / „Oskar Werner gives his last interview“, part 1-2

Uploaded on Oct 15, 2010

„Acting is a phony profession for a grown-up man unless there’s a spiritual manifestation behind it.

When you fought your entire life for the nobility of the spirit and the quality of true emotion- you simply cannot partake in defacing the great classics.

And I also think one has a responsibility toward our youth that is so very desperate and without guidance. That is why they are so violent.
I just don’t believe that one can achieve anything with smashing in windows- but with the complete opposite. They need to protest- but in a dignified manner, not without dignity.

And that’s why Schiller said (and I love Schiller passionately!) „Art is the daughter of Freedom.“- and he was right.
And Schiller told the artist something else: „The dignity of…

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